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Do you want to reach more travellers in search of new experiences and interesting accommodations? Do you need to attract the right tourists for your business? Promote your brand through the blog Another Milestone and thus ensure your desired visibility.

Blog statistics

The content of the blog is focused on travel in Europe. The articles are written SEO (Google’s favourites) and so most end up on the first page in Google, staying there for a long time and attracting only interested readers.

What does it mean to write SEO articles? I start by choosing the keywords with the highest search numbers, I write the detailed article naturally including these keywords and then I promote the article to ensure its credibility on search engines.

Blog statistics(July 2022 update):
Monthly page views: 62,000+
Unique visitors per month: 43,000+
Visit duration: 03’28 ”
Page Authority (PA): 35
Domain Authority (DA): 28

How can we work together?

Promoting your brand on the blog

We can display banners on the site, in existing posts or on the sidebar visible from all articles on the blog. The contracts are concluded for a period between 1 and 12 months, only for products and services relevant to the readers of the blog. (no betting sites etc). Another option is to mention the brand in an article already existing on the site if this does not contradict the agreement already made with another partner of the blog.


Mention of vola.ro in this article

Reviews of accommodations, restaurants and other travel products

We can try various travel products, accommodation options, restaurants, airlines, etc. and then do a sincere review on the blog. The article includes a detailed description, our honest opinion and the mention of the brand with the included link.


Toscana house in Brasov

Brand Ambassador

This type of collaboration involves representing your brand on social media, mentioning it in articles and posts on Facebook, adding a banner on the site, etc. The package is customized according to the partner’s needs.

Media trips

Participate in info trips and share the experience on the blog, including accommodation reviews and services and destination guides.


Das Tigra hotel 4* Viena

Content creation

Create SEO articles, pictures and content that can be used on Social media.

I wrote for:

Planet D – https://theplanetd.com/halkidiki-greece-travel-guide/

Life part 2 – https://lifepart2.com/cost-of-living-in-romania/

Cheerful trails – https://cheerfultrails.com/hidden-rome-6-secret-attractions-in-rome/

Adventure in you – https://www.adventureinyou.com/spain/things-to-do-in-tenerife/

Do you want to collaborate? Write to me at another.milestone.blog [@] gmail.com. Together we will find the best promotion option for your brand.