Things to do in Matera Italy in a day

We visited Matera Italia after seeing almost everything we wanted in Puglia. Matera is known to be the second oldest city in the world, after Petra. I didn’t want to miss it for anything in the world, so despite the extreme heat we went to meet it.

Bari Matera road

It took us around one hour for the Bari Matera road and we left early in the morning from Bari to get to Master as fast as possible. We could have stopped in Almera on the way, but we wanted to have the full day in Matera, so we skipped it. And it was a good decision. There are two ways to get to Matera from Bari: the high way or the country side way.
You can also take the train to get there.
If you go by car you will discover that the city center it is not accessible. We searched before getting there how is the parking in Matera and we also asked at the info point. At the info point we also receive a Matera map so we can explore the city on our own.

Things to do in Matera

  1. View point
  2. Sassi di Matera
  3. House in stone
  4. Market and the church
  5. Canyon
  6. The water tower

Matera with kids

If you want to visit Matera with kids you must pay attention to certain things. To go with the stroller in Matera is a non sence. If you have a baby, use your arms or a system. The stroller won’t allow you to explore the streets.
Also, the heat can be extreme and the stone only accentuates the sensation. We stopped now and then to drink something. For the water tower you need warm clothes.

Matera hotels/ matera accommodation

If you want to stay in the city and not visit it as a day trip from Bari, you can find interesting hotels here. Stay in a sassy for a full experience of the city!

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