Official Blogger at ITB Berlin 2019

I was an official blogger at ITB 2019 and it is the second year I do that. ITB Berlin is the biggest travel fair in the world so all the big players in the industry are here. I learnt some things from last year experience and this year it was even better. Here are a ton of opportunities so all you have to do is go there and be prepared to reach them!
What does ITB stand for?
ITB stands for International travel
How to get the accreditation as official Blogger at ITB?
I applied on their website and in days I received the answer. I printed my badget afterwards and enjoyed all the benefits coming from being part of the press team.
What benefits do you have as an official blogger?
Free wardrobe, you enter with half an hour before the others, access in the press room plus events just for the press.
How was ITB Berlin 2019?
I visited the stands I was interested in. people are open to talk and they have a lot of materials. Besides visiting the stands you can attend events (conferences, workshops etc).
What conferences and workshops?
Blogger speed dating at ITB
How to get it? First you apply. If they choose you, you have access to a platform where you can set your meetings. Leave some free slots to receive invitations.
At the events: you have water and snacks. Located all your meetings because you have only 2 minutes to get to them. Take a water and prepare an introduction frase. I had 8 meetings and 2 canceled. I met people that actually want to work with bloggers. They didn’t ask for my media kit, but I sent them afterwards.