Things to do Amalfi Town One day

Best things to do in Amalfi Town in one day

I knew the area was amazing, but the first time I arrived in Campania we only had one day to visit the Amalfi Coast. And we chose to spend it in Amalfi town. One day is enough to visit this enchanting city on the seashore.

Coming from Naples, the journey by train to Sorrento and then by bus from Sorrento to Amalfi town took us about 3.5 hours. Although we had left early in the morning, our day in Amalfi already had 7 hours wasted on the road.

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But the road was also part of the adventure! At least from the time we boarded the bus in Sorrento until we arrived in Amalfi town, we never got tired of looking out the window and admiring the breathtaking scenery!

We saw Fiordo di Furore, we stopped briefly in Positano and finally, we arrived in Amalfi town. A sad legend says that the name of Amalfi was that of a beautiful nymph. She was dearly loved by Hercules. But his love for her was rather short-lived because the nymph died unexpectedly quickly.

Hercules thought of burying her in the most beautiful place he had seen, a place commensurate with the beauty of the nymph, which he immortalized by giving her name.

But the true history of the city is as sad as the legend. The origins of Amalfi date back to Roman times and the city was founded as a trading post in 339.

From 839 it became a large autonomous republic, governed by counts elected every year, then by prefects and finally by dukes, becoming a sort of ducal monarchy.

The decline of the Amalfi Republic began with the terrible earthquake in 1343. It destroyed most of the fortifications, the ducal palace, shipyards, and houses of the locals. The decline continued five years later with the cholera epidemic that produced significant loss of human life.

In 1643, the city was hit by a terrible plague during which a third of the population died. In addition, the raids of Ottoman and Saracen pirates gave the locals a lot of trouble. It is even said that in the 18th century Amalfi was almost uninhabited. The noble families had moved to Naples.

But later, the beauty of the area brought people back, turning the city into a popular tourist destination. Its tumultuous history can still be seen at every street corner, in every piazza.

Today here are some of the best things you can do in Amalfi town in one day:

Visit Il Duomo di Amalfi – Catedrale di Sant Andrea

Amalfi Town Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Andrea, Il Duomo di Amalfi is an imposing church from the 9th century. It is dedicated to the apostle Saint Andrew and it has been retouched several times throughout its history. That is why different architectural styles coexist in its structure: Romanesque, Arab-Norman, Byzantine and Baroque.

In the same place, there was first a pagan temple, then a basilica, and only later was the cathedral we see today built.

The exterior facade is the product of a 19th-century touch-up after the original facade collapsed.

The cathedral has stone, marble and mosaics and a 62-step, steep and wide staircase that leaves you at the bronze doors. The Romanesque bell tower took a century to build and includes four small Arabic-style towers adorned with arches and majolica tiles.

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Inside, there is a wooden crucifix from the 13th century and another one made of mother-of-pearl and brought from the Holy Land.

On the main altar, there is a painting of the Martyrdom of Saint Andrew, painted by Andrea dell’Asta. On the ceiling, several allegorical paintings of the apostle were painted in the 18th century.

The relics of Saint Andrew the Apostle are preserved in several places.

Immediately after the fourth crusade, around 1208, Cardinal Peter of Capua took the saint’s relics left in Constantinople and brought them to Amalfi. Part of them was kept in the San Andrea dome, where they can still be found today.

Walk on the narrow streets, on the stairs

Amalfi coast one day

From Via Lorenzo d’Amalfi you can best observe the medieval aspect of the city. Beyond this main street, real networks of extremely narrow, cobbled streets emerge on the sides. They have the appearance of corridors or even tunnels, all painted in white. Most of them have a lot of stairs. They are called “Salita X, Salita Y, etc. ” and on these salitas there are houses or even shops.

Most of them barely have room for two people to pass each other. Some are covered so that you have the impression that you are in some galleries, but with the advantage that it wouldn’t rain on you if it started to drip.

From place to place you can see an arrow that leads you to the attraction you are looking for or, quite simply, you get lost very easily. In this case, you just wait for a local to show you the light. It is certain that Amalfi is a real labyrinth made up of a thousand “rooms”.

Eat seafood in the port

Amalfi town port restaurant

At lunchtime, when hunger makes its presence felt, you have to choose where to eat, go to the port and try one of the restaurants there. What to eat there? Being on the seashore, try anything with seafood. Even those who are not fans of this kind of food will lick their fingers at the end.

And of course, for dessert try a limoncello and maybe a tiramisu.
But not only the tasty food here attracts visitors to the port, but also the enchanting view of the city perched on the hills. Amalfi town is also beautiful from here, from below, at sea level.

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Discover the history of paper at the Paper Museum

Places to visit Amalfi Town Paper museum

Housed in an old mill, the Museo della Carta, a museum dedicated to paper exhibits old prints and documents, as well as wooden tools used in the manufacturing process. The museum includes in one of its rooms a library about the history of paper. In another room, you can follow the paper manufacturing process.

The museum, located in the Valley of mills, houses the machines and equipment, properly restored and fully functional, used in the old paper mill to make handmade paper.

Amalfi town has been renowned as an important paper producer since the 13th century. After the visit, you can buy pens, quills and writing paper here.

Buy souvenirs from Amalfi town

Amalfi town souvenirs

And if you only have one day in Amalfi town, it’s a shame not to leave with a memory from here. On the main street, Via Lorenzo d’Amalfi, souvenir shops are open on both sides of it.

Coloured magnets, ceramic dishes, kitchen towels and other things can be offered, all in bright colours and with lemon designs on them. So much yellow makes you feel good!
You can also go home with a bottle of delicious limoncello to remind you of sunny Italy!

One day in Amalfi town will be enough for you to explore the city and enjoy the main things to do. Amalfi Coast, however, is not a place to see in one day. Such an experience will only whet your appetite and make you want to come back as soon as possible.