Best beaches in Corfu

Best beaches in Corfu, Greece

On the first days spent in Corfu, used with the sandy beaches and crystalline waters of Greece, I was a little disappointed with the island. It was hard for me to think of a top of the best beaches in Corfu because it seems to me that it is not worth coming here for the beach. But I visited every day other corners of the island and I realized that Corfu actually means variety, a mixture of everything so you won’t get bored here.

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Best sandy beaches in Corfu:

Sidari beach

It is quite narrow and crowded, it has a little sand, but the water entrance is very smooth, which makes it suitable for families with children. We didn’t stay here at all, but it was important for me to see it on the way to Canal d’amour in Sidari. A nice hotel if you want to stay in Sidari is Del Mare Beach Hotel*

St George North Beach Corfu

I saw it first from far away in the mountains, and when I stepped on it I did not want to leave anymore. St George North beach has fine golden sand and has umbrellas and sun beds only on one part of it. It’s wide and the entrance to the beautifully colored water is sandy. Its main advantage is the beautiful view, the beach being surrounded by mountains. It can easily get in any top beaches in Corfu. And if you want to stay near this beach you can check out San Georgio Hotel *

Glyfada beach Corfu

It was the first sandy beach we’ve visited and I was really charmed by it. The sand is great, the entrance to water is smooth and the large stones scattered here and there give it an exotic look. Unfortunately, because Glyfada beach is on the west side of the island so the water was too cold and not good at all for bathing. A hotel close to this beach is Glyfada Beach Hotel*

St George South beach Corfu

For those looking for a sandy beach in Corfu St george South beach is also a good idea. It has fine sand and clean, clear waters. It is not very wide but long enough. The entrance into the water is smooth, sandy. St George South continues with another sand dune beach.

Best beaches in Corfu for snorkeling:

We didn’t find a perfect place in Corfu for snorkeling to see a great variety of marine life, but we’ve reached several stony beaches that allowed us to admire some species of fish and underwater plants.

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Kouloura and Kalami beaches Corfu

Koulura and kalami are two beaches next to each other, both of them with a mixture of sand and pebble, with steep water entrances and few trees that make natural shadow. The rocks on one side and the crystal water make them suitable for snorkeling, although the variety of fish is not great.

Kalami beach Corfu

Kassiopi beach Corfu

Although I only discovered it the last day, it was among my favorite beaches in Corfu. It is divided between two coves, it has large, white pebbles, reminding me of Marble Beach in Thassos, and the water has a gorgeous color. The entrance into the water is steep and the bays are framed by stones. I think here I saw most of the fish, so it was great for snorkeling!

Paleokastritsa beach Corfu

Situated in the famous Paleokastrita resort, the beach with the same name has a pebble-sand mix. It is framed by rocks on the edge, and the water, although very cold when we visited it, has one of the most beautiful colors in Corfu – an emerald green combined with azure. Paleokastrita is a very animated resort and that allowed us to have activities also at noon when the sun burned too much -boat trips in golf and an aquarium visit.

Paleokastrita beach Corfu

Corfu Island – Beaches with beautiful views:

We stayed on several beaches in Corfu where neither the sand was envied, nor the water had any special color, but the views made us dedicate them half a day.

Garitsa beach Corfu

It is a stony beach with a steep entrance into the water. The only thing worth taking into account is the fact that Garitsa is among the beaches close to Corfu town, which offers a view of the city and the port similar to the beach in Nice.

Dassia beach Corfu

Our accommodation was next to Corfu town so first we tried the beaches around. Dassia beach is pebbled, it is quite empty, with a smooth entrance into the water, but with shore and algae on the bottom. I went in only once to swim, but the shore convinced me to get out quickly. But I appreciated the view with green hills and small villas scattered among the trees.

Canal d’amour in Corfu

Every big island in Greece has an emblematic place: Zakynthos has Navagio Beach (Shipwreck beach), Thassos has Marble beach, Crete has Elafonisi beach (with pink sand). For Corfu that place is Canal d’amour. Situated in Sidari resort, Canal d’amour is considered the most beautiful beach in Corfu. It has a very small beach where you can sit on ground and that can be very crowded. Although we wanted to take a bath to check the legend with the eternal love of couples who swim together here, the crowd only allowed us to take some pictures. The water really has the color of Greece here: the blue-turquoise and it invites you to jump in it from the steep cliffs.

Vacanta in Corfu
Best beaches in Corfu

Logas or Sunset beach in Corfu

Known as the Sunset beach, Logas beach Corfu is one of the secret but magical places in Corfu. It is enclosed by 2 rock walls on which blue water strikes in waves. It can be admired from above, from a glass balcony, and the view, especially at sunset, is breathtaking. We did not come down to swim, but what I saw was enough to remain in my heart.

Other beaches in Corfu:

Barbati beach Corfu

I read about that Barbati beach was awarded the blue flag for cleaning. When we got there be noticed it was very crowded, so we did not stay here. It is a stony beach, quite narrow and with steep entry into the water.

Kanoni beach Corfu

On an evening we descended also near Corfu town, on the beach at the end of Kanoni resort. We found there a sandy and gravel beach with smooth water, but with shore on the bottom. We arrived quickly from there to Vlacherna Monastery and we also admired the Mouse island. Later we found a Kanoni beach in Kassiopi and we realized that what we found in Kanoni resort is not even marked as beach.

After so many places visited on the island, a top with the most beautiful beaches in Corfu is relative. I have come to the conclusion that the island offers beaches for all its visitors: for those who love sand and clean waters, the west side of the island it is right; for the amateurs of beautiful and diverse landscapes, the north of the island is recommended and for those who come looking for tourist attractions, but less beautiful beaches, the eastern side of the island awaits them. After you explore Corfu, you can try  sailing in Greece and visit the other island near Corfu.

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Best beaches in Corfu

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