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8 Beautiful beaches in Tenerife + Map

For those who want to go on a vacation and try the most diverse beaches, Tenerife is an excellent choice. Golden sand, black sand, pebbles, secluded beaches or even in the middle of the resort, just about everything you could imagine, you can find here.

Therefore, when planning a stay on the “island of spring”, be sure to include in the route some of the following suggestions for a successful holiday. I’m not sure that these are the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, but they are certainly among the most interesting I’ve ever seen.

I am used to the white or golden sand beaches of Italy and Greece, so when I first stepped on a black beach in Tenerife it was really strange. But I started to like it. So I explored a few of them, even though it was winter, so not hot enough to swim, but warm enough to sunbathe.

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And to make sure that I don’t just include my subjective impressions, I also asked the opinion of other travel bloggers who visited Tenerife. The beach chosen by each of them is described below and I hope it will inspire you.

So let’s see what these are:

Beautiful beaches in Tenerife, Spain

Playa de los Gigantes Tenerife

Playa de los gigantes tenerife

Playa de los Gigantes or Playa de los Guios, as it is also known on the island, is located on the coast of Santiago del Teide, in the northwest of the island of Tenerife.

It is a beautiful beach with fine black sand that is located between the Marina of Los Gigantes and the great rock of the same name (Rock of giants), which falls into the sea near Puerto Santiago. With the marina very close, as well as the resort, it is not uncommon to find it crowded.

Playa de los Gigantes has black volcanic sand occasionally mixed with pebbles, and it is almost 200 meters long and has an average width of 20 meters.

It is a beach marked with a Blue flag, which means that it is equipped with a lifeguard station, first aid and additional services like renting umbrellas, showers, etc. It is even adapted for people with reduced mobility.

The beach is accessible by car, and those who come here driving can park for a fee right in the port.

Playa los Gigantes is famous for its wonderful landscape. From it, you can see the most beautiful panoramic view of the Giants’ Rock. Also from here, you can see the nearby island of La Gomera which is 15 kilometres away.

And being on the western side of the island, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on Playa de los Gigantes.

From the port to the beach, the alley is framed by fish restaurants and souvenir shops. At lunch, you can serve fresh fish or seafood here.

Playa del Camison

Playa del camison - playa de las americas beach

This beach is located in Arona, in the south of the island of Tenerife and is one of the most frequented beaches in Playa de Las Américas. Playa de las Americas is a well-known tourist resort in Tenerife, often frequented by those who prefer water sports. It is a large resort, with restaurants and hotels for all tastes, and the weather here is often windy.

Playa del Camisón is an artificial beach, with fine golden sand and smooth entry into the water. It is quite long, but not very wide and is arranged with umbrellas and sunbeds. Being located right in the resort, it is surrounded by a beautiful promenade with palm trees, full of restaurants, cafes, shops and other tourist activities.

Being located in Las Americas, it is an ideal place if you want to practice water sports. It is one of the most suitable beaches for children in Tenerife because there are no strong waves and the water temperature is quite warm.

Especially if you are staying in Playa de las Americas and don’t want to use the car for a few days, you can come here on foot.

Playa de los Roques

Beach in Tenerife - Playa de los roques

It seems that los Roques is a popular name for the beaches of Tenerife. Looking on the map I noticed that there are at least 2 more Playa de los Roques on the island, besides the one we landed on.

I admit I accidentally found it. Or not by mistake because in the hotel lobby I saw an old picture with it and asked at the reception where it was.

From the moment I saw its image, I was fascinated by the huge stone gate coming out of the sea and reflecting in the shiny black sand. We had to get here!

Playa de Los Roques is located between Loro Parque and El Toscal. Coming from El Toscal on the main road to Loro Parque, turn left just before the Hotel Maritim. At the end of the road park the car and from here you can start the descent to the beach.

Playa de los Roques is a beach with intense black sand and pebbles, hard to reach. It’s not what I would call a good beach, but a visit here is an experience in itself. Going down to it is not very difficult, but it is not suitable for children either.

Walking on the sand you will notice that there are actually 2 rocks coming out of the sea: Roque chico and Roque grande. It is worth going for the beautiful view and for the fact that it is difficult to access, so you can probably enjoy it alone.

Playa Martianez Puerto de la Cruz

Playa Martianez - puerto de la cruz beach

Puerto de la Cruz is one of the largest resorts in Tenerife, located in the north of the island.

Tourists who come here and stay in one of the many hotels in the resort have several beaches where they can sunbathe. But one of the most popular beaches in Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife is Playa Martiánez.

It is located in the heart of the city, between the Martiánez hill and the Lago Martiánez complex.

It is a beach with black volcanic sand, with an area protected by waves from a dam. The other area is suitable for those who love the waves because here the sea comes and stops swirling.

Right from the beach starts the cliff that runs along with the resort. When you are tired of sitting in the sun, you can easily start a walk in it, to see the shops or, if it’s lunchtime, to stop at one of the restaurants.

In the evening it is interesting to go on the black beach, even blacker when it is not heated by the sun!

Playa El Bollullo  

Playa El Bollulo - Tenerife black beach

recommended by Dean and Laynni from Routinely Nomadic

Puerto de la Cruz is known for its many nice beaches, vibrant natural scenery and a relaxed feel. It is a popular tourist base without the mega-resorts of the south.

While Playa de Martianez is a great beach right in town and nearby Playa de San Telmo and Playa del Castillo are quite photogenic in their own right, Playa el Bollullo stands out as the most beautiful beach in the area.

This volcanic sand gem remains wonderfully off the beaten track despite its close proximity to Puerto de la Cruz. Surrounded and sheltered by steep cliffs, the fine, black sand of Playa el Bollullo contrasts sharply with the beautiful blue water and frothing white waves.

Rocky outcroppings extend out into the ocean, protecting the beach and, on rough days, providing dramatic scenes of crashing waves.

By leaving through the middle of town and returning along the ocean you can turn it into a relatively easy 1.5-hour loop. Along the way, you will reach several viewpoints, walk through some scenic banana plantations and pass an impressive little gorge. The walk is easy, accessible and scenic, making it one of the best hikes in Tenerife.

Playa el Bollullo has a toilet, lifeguard, a small snack bar on the beach and a nice restaurant on the cliffs above. The angle of the sun changes with the season but normally you won’t want to get there too early as it takes some time for the sun to make it over the cliffs.

Playa De La Tejita

recommended by Ruma from The holiday story

Playa De La Tejita is a beautiful beach at southern Tenerife beside Montaña Roja Nature Reserve.

It’s the best place for beach lovers wanting to avoid the chaos of commercial beaches. The 1000 metre long stretch of sand is also classified as a protected area as it extends the Montaña Roja Nature Reserve.

The beach falls between the town of El Médano and a fishing village named Los Abrigos. Public transport systems from both towns are available to take you to Playa De La Tejita.

The golden sand and the crystal blue water create a perfect view pleasing the eyes. The volcanic crater Montaña Roja adds to this scenery and creates a uniquely beautiful natural view. The name Montaña Roja means Red Mountain, which signifies the reddish colour of the crater. It’s the best place in Tenerife to enjoy beach life in privacy.

The strong and continuous wind blowing through makes it a popular spot for water sports like surfing. The eastern part of the beach is partly hidden by the Montaña Roja and thus works as a nudist bathing area.

You cannot get to the beach by car because it is a protected area. There is a parking area 10 minutes walking distance from the beach. A camping and caravan site is nearby, along with a cafeteria and washrooms.

Benijo beach Tenerife

Beautiful Tenerife beaches

recommended by Marco from Nomadic FIRE

A key reason people decided on retiring to Spain is that living in the country long-term allows more time to explore and find the “secret spots” and “off the beaten path” destinations that only locals have the chance to enjoy. 

Playa de Benijo, located on the northeast coast of the island of Tenerife, is one of Spain’s “hidden gems.” The more popular Playa de las Teresitas in Santa Cruz or Las Vistas Beach in Los Cristianos get the accolades (and the crowds), while locals and expats living in Tenerife head to the tiny town of Taganana.

Less than 10 minutes outside of town, visitors can find the wild beach of Playa de Benijo. Difficult accessibility keeps Benijo’s secrecy and seclusion. Visitors need to brave narrow mountain roads with steep drops.

The twists and turns can make even the stoutest stomach a little queasy. However, the most beautiful and unique panoramic landscape in Tenerife rewards the brave souls that push forward.

Benijo is not a place to casually swim. The towering waves and current are more tuned for surfers. However, the beautiful sight of the giant wave’s white spray crashing Benijo’s volcanic beach provide a stunning contrast to the two iconic monolithic rocks forming Roques de Anaga in the background.

This panorama, combined with the lack of crowds, makes Benijo’s black sand beach ideal for photographers looking for the perfect Instragrammable shots in Tenerife.

Playa Las Vistas – Los Cristianos

tenerife playa los cristianos
source: pixabay

recommended by Alice from Adventures of Alice

‘Playa De Las Vistas is a very popular beach located in Los Cristianos. It’s probably the best beach in the south of Tenerife and one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. It is popular for many reasons, but two of the main reasons people like it is due to both the length of the beach and the number of places to eat and drink nearby. 

The golden sand on Playa De Las Vistas stretches out for 850 metres. This gives visitors plenty of choice for the perfect sunbathing spot. Plus, the seawater is beautifully clear and has a lovely temperature for swimming during the summer months. 

The beach also has toilets, changing rooms, and 7 blocks of sunbeds that you can use. The sunbeds do cost a bit though, so the alternative is to take a towel with you and lay on the sand as the majority of people do. There are also a few snack bars located on the beach itself. One of these also sells drinks.

For those looking for a more substantial meal, you can walk a few metres across the walkway next to the beach. Here, you’ll find lots of tapas bars and restaurants to eat at. So you can have your lunch/dinner whilst experiencing the relaxing environment of the sea.’

Interesting beaches in Tenerife – map:

Here you can see where these beaches are located and what other attractions you can visit in Tenerife:

The beautiful island offers a combination of golden, fine sand and volcanic, black beaches. Tenerife is known for its surfing spots, but it also has some amazing beaches for those who just want to sunbathe and swim.

And when you alternate a day at the beach with the other attractions on the island, you can get the perfect holiday in any season.

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