Our story

We are Corina & Florin, wanderers world wide with many seen destinations and a long list of places waiting for us. Travel is our source of inspiration in day to day life, a way to grow spiritually and the only dose of adrenaline we need! We always travel informed and we like to share our experiences and to relive our memories. Our travel planning has changed since the number of travellers increased with one baby :). And so has our blog changed.

Our blog’s story

First it was a travel diary, with no purpose, on blogspot, plecinlume.blogspot.ro. Four years later the diary moved on its own domain, plecinlume.ro. And only in 2018 it redefined and set its purpose, reaching a new milestone in its way and becoming anothermilestone.eu.
Another milestone is a travel blog about interesting lands, about events ended with lessons, about places that enlarge horizons. It is a blog for working moms that want to wander, for fathers in search of new destinations and for curious children. Our blog’s mission is to help families travel smarter and easier. Please read, if you find anything interesting, ask, if you want to find something, share your opinion nicely and travel the world because “there’s such a lot of world to see”! (Moon River, Frank Sinatra)
Everything you will find on this blog is our work. Most of the pictures are taken by our photographer, Gabriel Aftenie. So please, if you want to use something you like from this blog, don’t do it without our agreement. Thank you!